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LGBTQ+ and GSRD Websites and Resources for Professionals

I recently wrote a Twitter post to highlight the importance of mental health professionals speaking respectfully about sexuality and gender identity – I was surprised by the response (largely positive!) and so I thought I would share some websites and resources that I have found useful.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list – just some useful jumping-off points. I recommend you seek out real voices and lived experiences: there are some wonderfully created podcasts, blogs, videos and comics out there.

These are mostly non-academic sources.  Pink Therapy provides has a wonderful academic reading list which you can access below:

Likewise there are some great links and further reading in the BACP guide on Good Practice across the Counselling Professions (an absolutely fantastic guide by Dr Meg-John Barker):


Stonewall UK:

UK Black Pride Voices:

Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD)

Pink Therapy (They also have an excellent YouTube channel, as well as offering great training)

Meg-John and Justin (Wonderful podcasts and blogs to access for free, and some very reasonably priced accessibly written resources)

Things not to Say (BBC): (Humorous but informative video shorts about various identities and experiences)

Trans & Nonbinary

Trans Student Educational Resources (US Based):

Gender Identity Research & Education Society:

Gendered Intelligence: (offer training for therapists, and also have an extensive list of resources)

Nonbinary Wiki:

The Gender Kit

Some Trans terminology:


My Pronouns

Robot Hugs / (A great cartoon about pronoun use)

Why Pronouns Matter (a great article by a therapist about pronouns – sorry you have to be a BACP member to get this one):


Intersex in the UK


Asexual Visibility and Education Network

Ace & Aro definitions:


The Bisexual Index:

The Bisexuality Report:

Aromantic experience

Aromantic Wiki 

Queerplatonic and Aromantic Advice (blog)

Kink and BDSM

Rewriting the Rules – BDSM 101:

Relationship Diversity

Make Your Own Relationship User Guide:

Kimchi Cuddles (A series of comics about polyamory)

Relationship Anarchy

Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement


Tyler Ford Explains The History Behind the Word “Queer” (short video)

Ashley Jiang Introduces Us To the Term “Intersectionality” (short video)

Religion and LGBTQ+ matters

Inclusive Church (Christian):

Hidayah LGBT (Muslim):

Imaan LGBT (Muslim):

If you have any suggestions for websites to include on this list, please feel free to comment below!

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